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Advanced Protection Systems is an innovative technology company focused on preventing the threat posed by UAV. Our Multi-Sensor approach implements a solution that provides maximum efficiency and complete protection against intrusive drones. Everyday drones can compromise security and privacy as well as present a hostile threat. Drones can threaten the security and safety of people, property and sensitive information at airports, prisons, power plants, government facilities, industrial sites and public events.

The developed military-grade system is based entirely on proprietary solutions resulting from expert knowledge and experience of a team of specialists: scientists and engineers who transformed their passion for learning into practically applied innovation. Giving  APS solutions a competitive edge.

Advanced Protection Systems along with Ctrl+Sky, according to the Markets and Markets report, is now one of the key players in the global drone detection and identification market.

The numerous awards and two patent applications are a testament to the innovation of Ctrl+Sky making APS the leader in Drone Detection capabilities.