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The patent pending Silent Falcon is a solar electric, carbon fiber, modular small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) designed for numerous commercial, public safety, military and security applications.

Silent Falcon’s solar electric propulsion systems gives it the unique ability to stay in the air for extended periods of time – up to five (5) hours depending on flying conditions. It’s also what gives the Silent Falcon its ability to be virtually silent. Once the Silent Falcon reaches 100 meters, it’s effectively undetectable.

The composite structure of the Silent Falcon provides exceptional durability while flying in all types of conditions, as well as for launch and recovery. It’s also very lightweight for ease of transport and in-air maneuverability.

Using a highly sophisticated mesh network, wave relay communication system, the airborne network nodes provide seamless dissemination of voice, video, and data. With an Internet connection on the ground, you can provide secure and encrypted voice, video and data to anyone, anywhere in the world on your private Silent Falcon communication network.

The large, open payload bay of the Silent Falcon has been designed with an open interface and open architecture to accommodate a wide range of sensors, cameras, and payloads. This allows the Silent Falcon to perform a large variety of extended range and endurance missions.

Silent Falcon’s solar electric propulsion system, rugged composite structure, sophisticated mesh network wave relay communication system, and open interface/open architecture payload bay, makes it the first sUAS capable of meeting long range, long endurance mission profiles for the widest possible range of applications.